Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter afternoon

 When we went to Chico last week we planned to go snowshoeing, but there was no snow! Even though we were stretching it a bit we went out in the Missoula snow this weekend.
Three girls, ready for adventure!
Clara was having some fun playing with perspective here, and being big in comparison to her Dad and sister.
And here's the regular perspective of Elena and Steve:
After some practice the girls took off on their own up the hill, but...
...that shortly led to some exhaustion!

We renewed the girls' energy by having them pretend they were bears and mountain lions.  Steve was very good at bringing this fantasy to life.

We also figured out that Christina had dramatically overdressed the girls for the 37 degree weather.  As soon as we took off a few layers they were good to go!
Even though we didn't trek for miles we had a really fun time - it was great to be out together, and it turns out snowshoeing was fun for all of us.

After the outdoor fun we headed to one of our local micro-breweries, Draughtworks.
The girls love the bartenders there, and also their home-brewed ginger ale and free snacks.

They drew this picture of one of their favorite bartenders, Danielle.
Western Montana is rich in natural beauty, in microbreweries, and in opportunities for family togetherness.  We are grateful for all of these things!

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