Sunday, January 27, 2013

Off to Chico Hot Springs

Clara had croup again this year (she's had it every year of her life, and the doctor says this might just be her reaction to colds).  This girl can really rally - even when she was home from school sick she still wanted to do all kinds of things (like make this 'ghost' outfit below).
It was a long weekend from school and we decided very last minute to make a spontaneous trip to Chico Hot Springs.  We thought the steam would be good for Clara, and that being out there would be good for us all.  Thanks to the tablets from Uncle Scott the four hour trip out there was a piece of cake!
As soon as we got there we soaked for two hours in the hot springs, had a quick dinner at the cafe, and then after brownies in front of the fireplace we fell deep asleep in our beds.

We were back out at the hot spring at the crack of dawn.  The girls were ecstatic, and Steve and Christina just tried to stay awake.
Clara was happily showing off her "double wrist bands"- it looks like she wants to punch us out, but that was honestly not the case.

These girls truly soaked up joy at the hot spring -we were so glad we went.

We drove out to Livingston for a huge breakfast.

And then headed back home to Missoula.  We are truly blessed to live in such a gorgeous spot, where we have this kind of retreat available to us.  We are all back and ready for school again!

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