Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Arizona Ranch

G-Daddy's co-worker, Brian, owns a small ranch outside of Phoenix. We were invited out to visit and to take a carriage ride with his Percheron horses, and given our horse-lovin' girls it was a perfect opportunity.

We were first greeted by a mini-herd of eight cows and a bull.

Then we went in to meet the horses.  This is Dolly, the old girl in the bunch.

This is peanut, the lone goat.
This is Honey, the attention-seeker - whenever we would leave her stall she would stomp or bang her feed box to try to get us back there!
One more pet for sweet Dolly before our ride.
Then, on to the carriage!  It was such a beauty - pristine white outside and plush red velvet inside.
The view from one side of the bench,
and the other side!
Before we got going there was  a mad game of squish going on.
Brian brought out the huge Percherons, Judy and Angie.
They hooked them up, and we were off.  The ride was really lovely, except for poor Elena.  Something was bothering her (we think perhaps the grasses) and so her throat itched, and she was very....vocal....about it.
Once we got back to the ranch, though, everyone was in a great mood.  As the Percheron horses were led back inside Elena stood by one of their footprints - isn't the size amazing?
Clara further showed us the scale of their hooves by holding up one of their shoes to show us
Clara got on a roll with the "teaching" by explaining all the tack to Christina.
Clara asked if she could ride a horse - we were sure the answer would be no after the hours Brian and Mike had already given us, but they were happy to pull out the draft horse, Dolly, for the girls to ride.  When they found out they'd be riding bareback they were absolutely THRILLED - they always like to pretend to ride bareback with their play horses, but have never had the opportunity on a real steed.

That act of generosity made the girls fast friend with Mike - they are now quite devoted to him.
Before we left Elena gave Honey a parting bit of attention.
And Clara doled out some feed to reward Dolly for the ride.
Thank you, G-Daddy, for setting that up!  It was a truly incredible experience.

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