Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Out and About

We have had some great times out in the last week while we were in Arizona. Lighting is often odd in these places, but we are sharing anyway.

We went to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch - always a favorite.  This time we got to get the Sparkling Volcano!
We had our first trip to the Heard Native American Museum.  Clara and Elena had a good time with the hands on exhibits (and a much more difficult time with the other exhibits!).

We had a nice upturn in behavior once we turned Clara and Elena into the "teachers" at the museum - when they could guide us through the exhibit (instead of the other way around) we were all much happier.

We went to Steve's old stomping grounds - the Spaghetti Company.
Sisters sharing spumoni:

Although getting out and about is exciting the girls are seriously sick of all the driving.  They keep asking not to go on the "high roads" - there are so many freeways here, and so, so much driving!

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