Sunday, July 8, 2012

Time with Auntie Lissa, Uncle Jeff, Calynn, and Liam

We were so happy that even though our families keep growing (in size and age) we keep getting invited back to Christina's sister Melissa's house when we visit New York.  Auntie Lissa planned so many fun things for us to do that we stayed very busy!

One day we went to a barnyard nearby and rode ponies - at least we thought that was going to be the highlight.

What we ended up doing for far more of the time, and to even more delight, however, was feeding the goats and chickens.

Cousins Calynn and Liam jumped right in, too - it was really sweet to see how eager all the kids were to care for and meet the animals.

The animal that made the biggest impression on all the kids was this brown sheep.  He was the only one who hadn't been raised on the farm, and so the only one who didn't want to be petted.  Of course that made ALL the kids want to pet him.  The handler on the farm eventually tackled him, roped him, and brought him over to us to say hello, to everyone but the sheep's delight.
Another fun day we went to eat at Ben & Jerry's in Saratoga Springs.  That was messy, but delicious, just as you might expect.

Really not sure what Calynn was perturbed out with Christina here...but that sprinkle really doesn't allow her to look too angry, does it?
 Calynn bought all the kids cookies at the Farmer's Market - that's one awesome kind of party!
One night Jeff and Melissa made a low-country-boil for us.  We had linguica, corn, crabs, shrimp, potatoes, and clams.

Some of us couldn't wait to jump in with the corn!
Uncle Steve with his niece Calynn and nephew Liam.
These two girls could barely stay awake, especially given all the swimming in the pool they did in New York!
A different night (not that you'd know it, since Clara is wearing the same pajamas!) Calynn hosted a party for the cousins where they watched the Muppets movie, and ate Oreos and popcorn after their dinner.  She had been planning it for days, apparently!

Melissa took several days off to spend with us, but one day she needed to work.  Liam did not want to be separated from her side, but we were able to spirit off Calynn to play with us downtown one day.  Our first stop - pedicures for all the girls!
I think it is safe to say that Calynn enjoyed herself!
Calynn decided she was done at pedicures, but we decided to let Clara and Elena get manicures (a first for them!).  They LOVED it.
They also loved the star treatment - here is Elena, the princess who was too dear to even walk across the spa floor!
Another dream of Calynn's was to take her cousins to the library - so on our date day we went there, too.  There were these horses all over Saratoga, but the one outside the library is the only one we got to pose with!

After the library we went to the Circus Cafe- although we did eat actual food, the most exciting part was that you can order cotton candy for dessert!
If Grace was Clara's best friend this trip, then Elena was Calynn's best friend.  She couldn't get enough of hugging her!

Visiting the two spitting sculptures in Congress Park - what are their names?  Spit and Spat?
Elena and Clara climbing up the rock wall in Calynn's favorite park!
For all the orchestrated fun we had (and it was all so great) we also had a great time on the $.25 rides in the mall.

And of course, there was so much fun just at their home - pool parties were a blast!

Dress up!  Can you believe this is a toddler's size two costume?  Bet you can!
On our last night in town Grandma babysat the kids and Jeff and Melissa took Christina and Steve out on the town.  We sampled several local drinks and foods, but our favorite was the Seahog Chowder - a corn chowder with pulled pork, lobster, and a deep friend cornbread crouton!
Goodbye hugs for their auntie - Thanks for such a wonderful time, and for being such fantastic hosts to us!


(Still to come -our time getting to visit Aunt Laura, Uncle David, and cousins Grace, Suki, and Kate!!).

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