Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hoffman's Playland

Clara and Elena got to explore the wonder that is Christina's childhood amusement park experience when we were out two years ago.  Their love for Hoffman's has only grown in that time.  This go around it was made even more fun by the experience of sharing it with some family who didn't come with us last time.  Oddly, there are few pictures (and none of the adults!) but it's all because we were having so much fun.

Clara and Elena share a fire truck with fellow fire-fighter, cousin Zithembe!

Zithembe, Calynn, Liam, Gianna, Clara, and Elene on the very noisy caterpillar.
 Clara and Elena show Liam how to ride the boats - he got the bell-ringing down all on his own!
 Christina got on this hot-air balloon ride with the girls - it starts out nice and sedate-
 And soon you're flying!
 We had an all-family picnic dinner.  At one point many of the girls left the table to go explore these ladybugs.
 Gianna, Clara, and Elena all bringing over their bugs to show off.
 All nine kids (under six years old!) having a snack at the end of our time at the park.  Sweet, sweet time.
 Clara and Elena pose by Humpty Dumpty, showing him their souvenir cat and dog toys.

Thank you, Grandma, for buying us the tickets!  Thank you, Aunts Lissa, Dawn, April, and Amy for coming with us!  We loved this evening.

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