Monday, July 23, 2012

Get around, get around - up North version

This weekend was full of spontaneous, really fun trips.  On Friday we felt like we just wanted to go somewhere, and so we got in the car and headed north.
 We stopped in at our favorite place from years past to pick raspberries and strawberries - pickings were VERY slim this year.  We ended up with this sad amount, and what we got was mostly thanks to Steve's efforts and persistence.
That did not mean that the adventure was a bust, though - Clara had the thrill of her life when a butterfly decided to land right on her.  THIS is probably what she was hoping for at the butterfly place with her cousins, and it is a miracle that it happened.
 The funny thing was, this butterfly just wouldn't leave her.  She walked all the way from the patch to our car, and he just stayed right on her glove.
 Even when she got to the car to eat some of the berries we'd picked he just traveled down to the leg of her shorts and hung out there.

 Contented butterfly - maybe Clara smells really good?
 When we were about to leave we told Clara we would have to help the butterfly say goodbye, because he couldn't come home with us.   After a little conversation we were able to relocate him to a leaf and bid him well.

 Still in the mood for adventure, we continued north.  The girls took these funny pictures of each other in the back seat.

 We stopped right outside Polson at a family favorite (and Montana institution)- 4B's restaurant.  We had a great time, except for one little thing.  When we arrived we went in the bathroom, and Clara went in one stall while Christina and Elena were in another.  Unbeknownst to us Clara found a stray two-inch screw that she was holding out to show us when we exited the bathroom stall - and she was holding it right at Elena eye level.  It just grazed her eye, and we are so lucky that she wasn't more badly hurt!  Clara was sorry, and we recovered over 4B's tomato soup.
 At one point during lunch Steve claimed that he and Elena had the same color hair.  We needed this photo to show him that this wasn't QUITE true.
 One to prove to Clara that she and Christina don't have the same color hair, either!
 We kept moving north after lunch to find some fresh cherries, since it is finally cherry season again!  We were rewarded not very far long the lake when we found this great stand.
We learned what lugs and culls are, and got ourselves a lug to take home (a box of 25 pounds of cherries).
 We headed to the back of our truck for a little cherry party before driving again - deliciousness!

 Then we left the orchards, because there were a few more stops before heading home.
 We stopped at the Hutterite general store, and stocked up on baking/decorating supplies.  Then we stopped in Arlee to get some fresh honey.
 Lastly, we stopped off at the Arlee candy shoppe, where the girls both got some new candy, and Steve got a big bag of licorice!

The girls were fantastic all the way home, and when we got there some of the things we'd requested from Disneyworld had come (we are heading out there this fall!).  We watched the Disney promotional DVD and all got really excited.  Well, until Clara wiped some leaking glow-stick gooey stuff into her eye and probably got a chemical burn (and our second eye injury of the day)!  We flushed it out, gave her eye drops, and she was fine - but holy cow with the injuries!!

Such a fun day, such a fun adventure - even with the few low spots it was great to spend the day together, bumbling around as a family.

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