Thursday, July 5, 2012

Park and snuggles with Grandma

We had so much fun with Grandma this trip that we forgot to take pictures!  Our first day in town we played at her house making gyms, spiderwebs, and having the biggest ice cream sundaes Clara and Elena have ever had.  We must have been tired out from our drive and just reveling in the comfort, because we never once grabbed the camera.

We did get a few shots in during a visit to a park near Grandma's house - cousins and uncles alike playing on the swings.  Uncle Vincent had a very funny game involving shoes (which doesn't translate well here, but which Clara really loved!).
One of the many Grandma-Calynn cuddles!
Grandma came to hang out up at Aunt Lissa and Uncle Jeff's house with us for several days.  She and the girls got in some great snuggle time there, too. 

 Also not pictured:
-The hilarious hours in the pool with Grandma, when she let three granddaughters at a time spray her with water from the pool noodles!
-The gracious babysitting Grandma did so that we could go out for a night on the town in Saratoga Springs - SO fun!
-The walk with Grandma through the Farmer's Market, on the carousel, on a sprint-to-beat-the-rain after our park picnic
-Beer-tasting (rootbeer for the girls) at Saratoga Brewery, where Christina tried (and mostly failed) to get Grandma to note differences among the local brews
-And many, many other fun moments.  It was such a great time to get to spend so many moments together!

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