Sunday, June 5, 2011

TGIS (Thank God It's Summer!)

It may have taken its sweet time, and it may not really be here to stay, but this weekend felt like SUMMER and we are absolutely thrilled.  We celebrated yesterday by dropping in on friends and not leaving for six hours, in the process introducing the girls to yogurt in a tube, slip-and-slide, corndogs, and many other fun things.

They LOVE the trampoline at this house - almost as much as they love feeling like part of a kid gang.  They are really having fun being part of a group these days - thank you Larsons and neighborhood for making the girls so welcome!

Today we extended the fun summer weekend by having a day of it downtown.  The main street downtown was opened up for pedestrians/bicyclists and closed to all cars for a good mile.  They call it Sunday Streets and people all up and down the street have fun things to do and lots to visit. 
The girls got free asthma-screening (no asthma here!), jumped MULTIPLE times in the big bounce house, decorated rocks, got tattoos and new frisbees, made maracas, and biked all over the place.

Some bears even came down to join the party!
This grizzly and black bear got hit by cars, and so they now have been "preserved" and serve an educational function.  Or, if you're 3, an entertainment function.  Clara begged Christina to "make the bear talk"and that was not at ALL embarrassing, no sir.

Then we checked out the girls' baseball prowess.  Turns out they are not half bad at what they call "bat-ball."

Finally, it was time for their favorite activity of all  - riding the ponies.  They get to do this every week if they do a good job sleeping, and sometimes this must be all that is keeping Elena in her bed when she is desperate to get out!

No trip is quite complete without cotton candy (at least not at any location where it is being sold) and so we leave you with the sticky, sweet image of the close of our Sunday Streets experience.

It's so good to welcome summer!

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