Saturday, June 25, 2011

Father's Day 2011

We are not only late in posting this, we are also very low on pictures from Father's Day this year!  We had a lovely time celebrating Steve and his wonderful role in our family, but we didn't take many pictures, it seems.

We started out the day letting Steve sleep in, while the girls and Christina went and got the Sunday paper, coffee, and pastries.  We cooked up some eggs and sausage, so that by the time Steve awoke he had the makings of a relaxing Sunday morning before him.  A little later on he took the girls for a bike/run down by the river, and then we all headed out to lunch together (we're not sure why the girls decided the occasion warranted dressing up as a cat and a bunny, but they did!).

Then we went to see some open houses (a favorite past time) and went back to our own home to relax in the yard. Despite some chilly temperatures, the girls really wanted their pool filled, and so we filled it with warm water from the tap and let them slide into the pool until rain drove us all inside. 

Christina turned around for a minute, and when she looked back at the crew "watching a movie" she saw this:

The mark of a fun day!   We grilled Steve his favorite porterhouse steaks with some local herbed butter, and pretty much called it a day after that.  Looking back, it doesn't seem like nearly enough to celebrate a man who makes our lives so enriched, safe, and enjoyable - luckily, he knows we love him every day!

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