Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Adoption Day

Today is the third anniversary of when we went into court and legally adopted Clara and Elena.  We love celebrating this day!  It has turned into a day where the girls mostly pick what we do all day, and we tell stories and soak up being together.

So we started out the day having a coffee and doughnut date together - we meant to take pictures there, because it's such a sweet moment. Christina and Steve used to have that date together weekly, and wish for a little one there to join them.  We never dreamed we'd have two!  We were thrilled that the girls thought it was fun to join in with us. 

Then, we went to shop for the cupcake ingredients.  For the last two years Christina has made the girls whatever cupcakes they pick for Adoption Day.  This year, they picked penguins again, so that's what we made.  We cheated a little and did a quicker version than last time, and they came out a little wacky - and SO gooey and sugary.

We ate them after a trip to the Children's Museum, and then we played around the house for awhile.  For the first time, Clara picked up a baby doll and said: "This is my baby - I'm gonna adopt her."  We talk about adoption and birth and different kinds of families often, but it's the first time we've heard either girl use the term adoption on their own!

Then the girls decided on a bike ride, and so we biked down to our local brewery, Kettlehouse, and got rootbeers and peanuts for the girls, and a little drink for Steve and Christina.  We marveled at our daughters and what beautiful people they are growing up to be.

Then we went to our family restaurant, Ciao Mambo.  They are so nice to us there!

They got the dough they give kids there, and practiced throwing their own pizzas.

We ordered the girls Shirley Temples for the first time.  "These are so really good!" was the verdict.

Steve ordered pasta with clam sauce, and one of the clams, "Clammy," became the hit of our table.
Then Elena said: "You know what's something really very special?  We can get...zeppolis!!!"  So we did.
You have to concentrate hard to dip them, but they were indeed special.

Our server was so lovely, and fawned all over the girls.  We know that people often say things just to be nice, but we got several comments about how well-behaved the girls were, and truly, they are.  And one person said: "You just all look so happy - you're such a happy family."  And truly, we are. 

I don't think we can say if often enough.  We are so very, very grateful to be a family together.  And we are forever grateful to Ashley and Sean for making that happen. 

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Krissy said...

This post makes me so happy. You have a way of giving me hope, Christina!