Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Funday

Today we tried our hands at making homemade puffy paint - our results were a bit less glamorous than what we'd seen as examples, but we had fun, and it does indeed puff up!

In an effort to check whether Elena's recurring abdominal pain was somehow psychologically related to sleep instead of physiologically related, we skipped nap when she began talking about her belly pain and took both girls to the International Festival on campus instead.  Since she didn't have any pain there, at the same time of day she has had pain every day for three weeks, we are beginning to suspect that she's getting nervous-stomach pain at the idea of sleeping.   Perhaps tonight will be  better?

At any rate, the International Festival was a huge success for us.  We stayed three hours, which may be our record at any crowded event ever.  The girls each ate a bowl and a half of these Taiwanese noodles, and we also got to have fried bananas, baklava, swedish meatballs, beef and yams, and empanadas. 
We spent hours at the Children's World, where different campus and community groups set up displays and activities to reflect different cultures.  And we had a blast at the pretend dress-up section!
At one point, Steve was getting counseled by Clara to be quiet while her name was getting written in Russian on a bookmark.  Not quite sure why that required silence!
We ended out the trip watching some of our graduate students do a Bollywood dance - that was a fun one to watch.  Even more fun, though, was watching Clara emulate the belly-dancer who was on stage beforehand - that girl can really move her belly!

Such a fun Sunday with such agreeable little girls (at least, they were very dear and obliging in the last several hours, and that's something to hang on to!).

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