Saturday, March 5, 2011


Somehow the girls got it into their heads that they wanted a sleepover - they've talked about it for a little while now, off and on.  Last night the girls invited their friend Sylvie over for a sleepover, and while none of the parents involved believe the kids are ready for that yet, we had her come over this afternoon for a pretend sleepover.
They laid out their sleeping bags in the living room, they got cozy with their pillows and loved animals, and they got popcorn and a movie set up for them.
Elena said: "Let's get a good picture of me and Big Bunny."  So we did.
After both Mulan and Peter Pan proved too scary, we broke out some of the glow sticks Auntie Cyndie sent and had fun looking at them inside the sleeping bags.
Then we played Candyland and Elefun.  Turns out Elefun was out of batteries, but the girls liked putting the netting from this game on their heads - they said they were chef's hats, but then they kept riding around on things, so we're not exactly sure what they were doing.

It was a fun time with friends, even if it wasn't a "real" sleepover.  And tonight, when it truly was bedtime, Clara was chatting with Christina, and they were talking about what a nice day it had been and how much they loved eachother, and Clara suddenly said: "Mama!  Open your eyes real big.  Look - it's me in there!!"  She could see her reflection in Christina's eyes - and thought it was a best thing ever.  And that sure touched this Mama's heart - who could have her go sleep somewhere else and miss these loving bedtime moments??  Real sleepovers are going to be a good long time away.

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