Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dance Class

Today was the girls' fourth dance class (I think) and they are really starting to hit their stride in the classroom.  They talk about class all week, have been insanely excited to go to it, then get shy as soon as they get to the classroom.  Today they ran in, participated the entire class, and got rave reviews from their teachers.  We're so happy they're having fun!

They are more "twinny" in this class than we've seen them at any other time in their lives.  They primarily interact with each other.  They originally had these mats a few inches apart, but five minutes into the class Elena had moved hers right on top of Clara's, as you see here.
Shortly afterwards, Clara abandoned her mat in favor of standing on her sister's.
It didn't matter, because soon it was time to run around like crazy things - they don't call this class creative movement for nothing!
They line the kids up at one side of the room midway through class, and they take turns crossing the length of the studio either fast or slow, up high or down low, like a cat or like a snake, etc.  (Sorry for the phantom staircase - once they started doing this I couldn't get very good pictures from my perch in the observation area!).
Elena was one of the first to get sent over today, and she was a little reluctant but walked across nonetheless.
Clara was one of the last sent over, and she skipped like crazy across that room!
And, although it's totally blurry, take a look at how she leaps right to her sister at the end!

At the very end of the class, they run out to Christina.  This is their very favorite part of the class, as we've mentioned before.  Here they come!

We usually hang out on campus (where the class is) until Steve is finished teaching his class, then we all go home together.  So we have a little snack to get reinvigorated after dance.

Today as the girls were walking across campus Elena said: "Sister, let's hold hands!"  So they did.

We passed a big tree, and they decided they wanted to play hide and seek.  Christina thought they meant hiding around the tree, but apparently the girls had another idea together.  Clara immediately turned in to face the tree:

And Elena went off to "hide."  When Clara turned around, she pretended for quite awhile that she couldn't find Elena.  So funny to watch - she did very exaggerated looking about and tiptoeing around until she got right upon her sister!

Tonight Steve asked the girls: "What do you think you are to eachother - are you sisters or are you friends?" 

And Elena said: "We're sisters, and because we're sisters we're friends, because we hold hands with each others.  And Clara is my friend.  And she is my sister." 

This statement went on and on and got way cuter, but neither Steve nor Christina can remember exactly how it went.  But we are so, so happy that they so often enjoy each other's company.

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