Friday, March 11, 2011

Laying low

Today we laid low, low, low at home.  We usually grocery shop on Fridays, and often get a doughnut when we do. When Clara said she really wanted one today, Christina thought of bringing out the deep fryer, but lamented that she hadn't made up a yeast dough earlier.  Then she remembered this little thrift store find that we hadn't used since before the girls were born!  You make up a quick batter, pour it in, and the doughnuts cook up in 2-3 minutes (it's a lot like a waffle maker in doughnut form!).
It makes cute little doughnuts, perfect for spreading Nutella on and sprinkling with multi-colored sprinkles.

Lately the girls have been warming Christina's heart by wanting to sew with her a lot.  This week they grew out of the velveteen pants she made them a few weeks ago (they each had a BIG growth spurt recently!) so they picked out some courdory and helped her sew up two pair of pants.  For the first time, the whole project was really done while the girls were awake, entirely with their help.  We'll have to get a picture of those. 

The story of today, though, is that they looked at a sewing book and said "Mama, can we make THAT?" about baby carrier.  Christina remembers doing that so many times with her own mother, and it was a thrill to take the girls downstairs to pick their fabrics, and then to sew these up during an hour in the morning.  We had such fun, and the girls loved carrying their dolls/animals around for the rest of the day.

We also spent some good time in bed, watching movies.  It is a cozy way to spend a winter afternoon, and with these cuties on either side of you, who wouldn't want to just stay put??

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Krissy said...

That sounds like a wonderful day!

I wish I could pass on a skill like sewing to my two, but alas, I am no seamstress. Perhaps my two will be very good at cleaning?! I am gifted in that area! Ha!

The donuts look very yummy, by the way!