Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summertime Sunday

Finally!! It's summer in Montana, and we welcomed it with open arms. We met friends for breakfast, then came home and made a peach pie.
Turns out Clara and Elena are AWESOME at peach pie - they slipped all the skins off of the peaches themselves, and were really, truly, a help! (Plus, Christina loves every pie-making opportunity with them, given that she saw this movie right before we met the girls for the first time and it was all about pies and love of daughters).
But good glory, it is SO messy cooking with little people! At one point Elena was smearing flour into a willing-Clara's hair. At another, Clara caused a cascade of peach juice straight off the counter. It was lunacy.

We promised the girls we could go to the water park (a park with sprinklers, not a water-slide type thing) as soon as it got warm, and it was finally warm.

Clara had a truly wonderful time going through all the water - she loved it.

Elena would barely go near it - she preferred running to Steve and Christina...

And striking this sort of pose:
Here's Clara on one of her trips back to us for a warm-up.
And Elena having a pseudo-warm-up from having no contact with the water whatsoever.
Elena perked up when she got to chill with her Dad, and she had a huge amount of fun on the other section of the park (swings, slides, climbing).

After a few other fun stopovers, we ended up home and back to our peach pie. With Big Dipper vanilla ice cream. Yum.

Clara lately has taken to calling people "shweetie pie" when she is in a nurturing mood. It's pretty adorable. And so, of course, she and her sister deserve as much sweet pie as they want.

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Merinda said...

Gorgeous! Looks like a wonderful summer day!