Thursday, June 24, 2010

Splish Splash

The rain has just been a constant for us this spring/summer, and we finally gave in this week and decided to just buy rainboots and have some fun. The girls have been stomping about in their sandals, but that makes it pretty wet the next time they want to go out somewhere. So, rainboots it was.

Elena picked horses on hers:
Clara picked ladybugs on hers:

A sun shower just after dinner provided the perfect time to get out and play.

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If you remember the plants Christina got on Mother's Day (Sunny Elena and Thumbelina Clara) they are finally both blooming at the same time! It's funny to see how different they are - the Elena flower is tall, deep purple, and has really distinguished petals. The Clara is the fluffy, exuberant pink one that has spread throughout the entire pot.

Very different flowers for our very different girls - and in both cases, don't they look just lovely together?

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