Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Adoption Day

Today marks two years ago that we went before a court and got to claim Clara and Elena as our daughters. They still don't exactly understand what adoption means, but they know all of the wonderful people in their life who love them, and we've shown them pictures of that day in court, and they know it was a big deal to us. So we celebrate by indulging the girls (even more than usual!) singing our Happy Adoption Day song, and letting the girls pick out special cupcakes Christina makes. This year they picked pandas:

That one on the right sure is interesting looking, isn't he? Like he's melting, or really perplexed!
It didn't really matter what they looked like - the girls just loved the idea of that much sugar.

Our two little sweethearts...we are so lucky, every day, that we get to spend our lives with them. We can never be grateful enough to Ashley and Sean for making this plan for them, and for everyone else who helped us come together.

Happy Adoption Day!
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Krissy said...

What a wonderful day to celebrate! And those cupcakes look a-ma-zing! What fun!

The day that we went to court to adopt my sister, my mom had her all dressed up, hairbows, ringlets, dress and pretty shoes. She immediately fell into a deep mud puddle just outside of the courthouse! The judge let us adopt her anyway!