Thursday, June 24, 2010


I was getting ready to do a post of the girls out in the rain, and found some extra photos on the camera - here are some snips and bits from our days.

This is Jessica - she has been babysitting the girls since January. This week she brought them hello Kitty shades and necklaces - they loved them!
Here's a new fun game in our house - make the blocks into an animal train, and push it along. Steve is surprisingly good at it.
Soft Dog, who is less than ever-present these days. He keeps hiding on us, but at least for this moment he was tucked safely next to Lena.
Clara's friend of choice these days is her Dolly (the first doll she ever received, when she was one day old in the hospital) or her Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the bed book. Probably wiser that she decided to cuddle with Dolly.

Not nearly as good as cuddling with Daddy, though. One morning this week Clara got up, crawled in bed with Steve, and ordered Christina to take a picture. So she did.

And the's delayed this year, but with the rain it is definitely starting to take off.

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