Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A spot of tea

We have a book from Steve's childhood - Baby Bear's Happy Day. It was well-loved when we got it, and it has seen a lot of love from the girls in their short lives. Today, we did another patch job (sadly, it is out of print and we can't get a new copy!) and Elena read the book to Clara.

Elena just made Baby Bear fall - they have fun making him do things he's not "supposed" to be doing.
The Clara gets a turn "reading" about Baby Bear.

It's just too much fun to put him in all the little slots in the book!

Later in the afternoon, spurred by an episode of Caillou, the girls decided they wanted to have a tea party. We absolutely recommend this White August "kid" tea. It's a loose tea of pretty flowers and dried strawberries, it's a bit sweet just on its own, and it pours out pink!
We dressed for the occasion today, mostly by donning boas.
We practiced manners, and asking people how they are doing.

And of course, we had to do "cheers:"
Christina was really surprised that the girls could pour on their own. This is Christina's real teapot, from Grandma Mary and Grandpa, and it's kind of heavy. Christina was helping them pour, but they insisted they could do it on their own. After some spotting, Christina became convinced they really could!
Such sophisticated little girls!

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Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Pink tea? What could be better? They really are quite sophisticated- baking, and now pouring tea? What will they come up with next?