Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Grateful for Tuesday

We don't usually mind Mondays much over here, but this particular Monday was a tough one. Elena woke up at 4am with a fever, and was really uncomfortable. That meant that Christina, Steve, and Elena were all up pretty early, and all pretty unhappy. We just wanted Elena to feel better, and even being in bed with Mom and Dad helped only marginally. Clara joined us at 7, and we tried to start the day. Elena just had a really hard day feeling lousy the whole day through. So, were we ever glad to wake up to a sunny and perfectly fine Elena this morning! We are VERY grateful it is Tuesday!

Here is Clara, early in the morning, telling Christina: "No Mom, I no need THAT help!" as she was trying to help her get dressed.
But once she realized her picture was being taken, she got very cutesy:
And then decided to take two pictures on her own. Christina is honored to be one of the favored subjects (the other was her blanket!). Funny Clara story - even though Elena felt lousy on Monday, Clara was full of pep. When Christina went to get her from her crib in the morning, she said: "Mama, you no working? You here?" and Christina assured her that she was here, she didn't go to work yet. And then Clara said, "Oh, I lost you." It seemed to us the first evidence of her having had a dream she could tell us about, since Christina does not, nor has she ever, worked a night shift.
Lately the girls have been pretty insatiable - they are hungry all the time. Steve has started them on some pretty full breakfasts, which they will help get ready by listing what they want. This morning Elena said: "I want eggs, a toast, a peana budder, juice, a Caillou!" So that is what she got. Why does the girl look so dubious when she got everything her heart desired?

Next week the girls start their first real gymnastics class. They've been going to "open gym" for a little over a year now, and they get to do tumbling kinds of things, which they really like. Oh, and jumping things, which they love! But this class will teach them some of the basics of gymnastics, particularly how to use their legs, arms, and overall core to balance and compensate as they're doing the jumping. Elena already taught herself to pull up on a parallel bar and pull her feet up between her hands, hanging (and one time flipping!) upside down. We love her confidence, but want them both to know how to fall properly, and how to watch out for those little backs and necks!
So Christina took them to get gymnastics clothes today. Really, they just needed tight-fitting pants/leggings, but they saw these shirts and said they needed them for "gymastics," too. So, monkeys for our little monkeys!
Clara is explaining that her bear, JoJo, is "a bit shy."
While Elena shares that her JoJo (previously known as Honey!) can hold Soft Dog, by himself!

A simple, but happy Tuesday. Hope yours was, too!

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