Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fashion show

Today I asked the girls to do a fashion show, so that we could get some pictures of some new clothes they have. They thought it was fun, but I suppose I should have expected that this is what I'd get when I asked them to do the catwalk:
I had a new pattern I wanted to try out for the girls, so I took them to the fabric store and asked them each to pick out fabric. I had a pretty cherry blossom print that I was showing them, some with lovely gingko leaves...but the girls had other ideas. Clara picked fish - so here she is in her koi shirt:
And Elena gravitated to these robots and would not waver. She just loved them. We've not really ever seen her express any interest in robots before, so it seems to be a new love. When the shirt was finished, she said: "My robots! Thank you mama, my robots! I love my robots!" That was a gratifying turn from her reception of last year's shirt I made her (which she almost never wore).
Here's Elena, ready for her fashion-show close-up, giving us her signature look:

We were beyond thrilled to receive a package last week with sweaters that Grandma had knitted for the girls! They love them, and today after the fashion show Clara just refused to take hers off, and had it on everywhere she went. They are so soft, and just so beautiful!

That's it for the mini-fashion show of mama-mades and grandma-mades!


Got Boys? said...

I love that wink of Elena's! It really has become her signature. And you are an awesome mama to allow them their choice of material. How adorable is a girl in robots! I love it!

Jeff and Melissa said...

I love the shirts!
Love- Mom