Thursday, February 25, 2010

I would've baked a cake...

Today, Steve asked for a chocolate Bundt cake and it was also cousin Grace's birthday, so the day definitely called for a cake. Granted, cousin Grace lives too far away to EAT our cake, but we definitely talked about making it for her, and for Daddy.

The girls are so lucky that so many people have supported their baking habit - they have gotten cooking gear from Grandpa and Grandma Mary, Grandma, Nana and G-Daddy, and just recently, Steve's Aunt Pat. Today the girls asked to wear her aprons to cook. I just love in this set of pictures how you see them checking each other out, to see how they are smiling!

We are going to call this our very best suggestion for kid friendly baking. It is the absolute easiest cake, and requires lots of stirring and not much precision. It's pretty moist - I'm not sure a Bundt pan is the easiest form, and next time we'll be putting this batter in cupcake pans for the VERY most fun kid recipe of all time. But for now, if you want it, click HERE for the cake.

Bonus of this cake - it didn't take long at all to get from this kind of diligence... this kind of reward!

Happy Birthday, Grace! Happy chocolate bundt day, Daddy! Happy Sweet Friday dessert tomorrow, Kate/Kevin/Annie!

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