Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Taste of Tuesday

We don't always have a clear schedule of what we're going to do on any given day, but Tuesday is shaping up to be one of the days with some real consistencies to it. On this day, we all hang out at home until about 9am, when Steve goes to work. Christina, Elena, and Clara go meet friends Caryn and Charlie at a local bookshop for story hour. When we went today, we were part of a pretty big crowd, and many of the young girls were REALLY interested in Clara and Elena. Here we are trying to stay focused on the book instead of the adorable twins:

After the kids have fun and the grown ups get some coffee, Christina and Elena and Clara usually head over to the pet store to visit some animals. The favorites are the turtles and the birds (here is where Christina really works to overcome her fear of birds and lets the girls get THIS close to them!) Yes, yes, they are behind glass- but those birds are crafty and unpredictable. Who knows how they might plot to escape?

In the late afternoon/early evening, Steve comes home and we try to have an adventure together. Often this is a walk around our neighborhood or a trip to the park, but today we went to some local nurseries to see what plants we might want to get for this summer, and to introduce the girsl to flowers. Isn't it funny to think that they have no real familiarity with them yet? They liked putting their noses right in some geraniums today.

So that was our Tuesday. Here's hoping you all had a fun one, too.
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Got Boys? said...

So fun to see your Tuesday! We should join you sometime!