Friday, April 11, 2008

Everything's New

What do you get when you pair a classic toy, a new find, and soft colorful mats? Two entranced girls - they really played together for the first time ever, and we're having so much fun seeing how they interact with each other and these toys. And their sitting - it's just getting so great. Clara is a pro and almost never falls - Elena needs a little bit more spotting.

This one is too funny - when we are taking pictures Clara almost never really cares about it. Elena, however, thinks the camera must be the most fun toy because we keep it for ourselves. Here, Elena gives Christina a dirty look because repeated stretching out of hands has not gotten her the camera, much to her disappointment.

We're not just excited that the girls have new toys and a new play area (although that is pretty fun). Really, the title of this post reflects the fact that we finally find ourselves at the state where parents often say "You just see them learning all the time, everything is new to them." Honestly, for the first few months we weren't always sure what they were learning or if they noticed all the newness around them. Now, though, we just are in a new stage where we see them experimenting and figuring things out, and we finally get what people are talking about. This is such a cool age!

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