Sunday, April 13, 2008

Picnic Day (and hey, we're matchy-matchy!)

Today the girls got to go on their first real picnic. We had a real spring day (75 degrees!) and so we took the girls to a creek a little ways away to get some vitamin D and to enjoy the day. Neither of us have skin as fair as these girls, so we had to get smart with lots of sun screen and some hats (thanks Nanny!).

You all know that we don't usually dress the girls identically but today the girls were finally the right size and the weather was right for some shirts that Grandpa and Grandma Mary bought (they say "Perfect Pair" with pears on them). With shirts like those, we figured we'd put them in some other matching items (pants from Aunt Jean and family - thanks!) while we were at it. We won't do this every day, but it was fun today.

Who can tell who's who here?

Okay, here's a clue:

Having the weekend off is so fun on a spring day like today - we each got lots of one on one time with both girls. Here's Elena and her Daddy:

And Clara with her Mom (there was a dog that came up to play with us, and Clara was intent on finding him again!)

And finally, one of each girl on her own, because they're so cute that way.

Little Clara Cake:
And our Leni Bird - what an attitude here!

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Andrea said...

I love all the pictures-- but especially the picnic ones! So darn cute:-) Ya'll (sorry two years in Texas made me say it:-)) are a beautiful family!