Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fun and Funny

We have some new fun in our house. Elena has taken to jumping all the time - she hates it when we try to sit her down for too long, and she just wants to be on her feet. So we ordered the girls this rainforest jumper:

It took most of today for the girls to figure out that it was not just like the exersaucer. Although both have fun toys, once they figured out that there were SPRINGS on the jumper that allowed them to hop at will, it was more fun than we've ever seen them have. So far, Elena prefers the jumper and Clara prefers the saucer, but like anything else with these two we are prepared for that to change at any time.

And now, here is the face of Elena having fun:

And the face of Clara being funny:

What is with this face??

She just loves sticking her tongue out when we pick up the camera! Such fun and funny girls.


Laura said...

We need video!

Blue Sky Colorado said...

That first photo is just a scream! Like they're just jumping and sticking out their tongues and smiling and laughing while humming "party all the time, party all the time" :)

Laura said...
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