Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Rings

Last year the big deal for Clara and Elena on their school playground was a contraption called "The Spider."  It is one of those metal structures that is a six foot high open dome, where you can climb up little ladders in one section and slide down poles in another section.  They felt so cool on that.

Well, that spider is old news.  The thing they are WILD about these days are the monkey bars and rings.  They beg to go to school all the time to play on them.  After school, before school, and weekends, too.  Clara, especially is adamant that she wants to go practice multiple times a day.  This is especially unfortunate, because while Elena can reach the first ring on her own Clara cannot.  And the rule at school is that no one can lift you.  So, even though Clara is only a half inch too short, and even though she can swing back and forth (six times without stopping, one day!) like nobody's business, she cannot do it unless we go with her.

So we go.  A LOT.  And they are thrilled.  Clara can skip two rings at a time, and Elena can skip three.  Elena can go back and forth several times without stopping, and Elena has a truly amazing dismount.  She is clearly part simian. 

These last two pictures have nothing to do with the rings, but lots to do with the sweet sisterhood that sometimes compels Elena to "sneakily" help Clara up to the rings.  These two really do love each other.
Sisters snuggling (Grandma, this is the blanket you sent that I made when I was 14!  Elena calls it the puffy blanket, and sleeps with it every night.  Thanks for saving it, finding it, and sending it!).

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