Saturday, October 19, 2013

First personal bank accounts

Clara and Elena have been earning some more money lately - a combination of birthdays, selling some items on Craigslist, and more interest in working around the house.  We started talking with them about being strategic with their money.  They have jars at home they've decorated with Steve labeled "Save" and "Spend" and they divide any money that comes to them in those jars. 

Recently the save jar got sufficiently full to warrant a trip to the bank to open savings accounts!
 Things were going beautifully until we realized we needed social security cards.  Drat.  Back home, and then to a second branch of the bank so Steve could join the expedition, and we were back on track!
 They are pretty proud to have their own accounts.  And the accounts for minors at this bank have great incentives for depositing (they earn things like tokens to the carousel  every time they deposit!).
Save on!

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