Saturday, October 19, 2013

Losing Teeth

(Don't read this one, Grandma!  We know how you are squeamish about the teeth!).

We knew it was coming - it was inevitable.  These teeth we so suffered through these girls growing were going to come out.  Elena and Clara were desperately eager for it to happen.  They had been waiting through kindergarten as others lost teeth, repeatedly checking theirs for wiggliness.

Then, this summer, while we were out in a park for dinner, Elena's very loose tooth bent back while she ate some noodles.  She was in a bit of shock.  Christina, fearing she'd swallow it, plucked the tooth out of her mouth.  After a few ashen minutes Elena was exuberant.  She has since lost another tooth, and was similarly squeamish about it right after it came out, and then transitioned into her excitement.

Clara took another month or so to wiggle furiously every potentially loose tooth.  And then, one evening, after having had Christina try to pull it out several times, it was finally loose enough.  She showed no worry at all about the tooth - in fact, at one point before it was quite out she said: "This is the best night ever!  I have blood between my teeth!!!" 

Clara and Elena got a call a few months ago from the Tooth Fairy Office (neither Christina nor Steve had known that existed).  They asked Clara and Elena to pick names for their toothfairies (Clara's is Tinkerbell and Elena's is Jasmine) and got instructions on how to put their teeth out when they lost them.  Their toothfairies brought a few small gifts for the first tooth, with a note explaining that it was only for that first celebration, and afterwards it would be four quarters per tooth.  The toothfairies had also constructed pretty bracelets.  Each girl got one when she lost her first tooth, with a special diamond bead.  For every tooth they will also get a new sparkly bead to add to the bracelet. 

It has been a time of changes, that's for sure.  This is a pretty exciting one.

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