Thursday, December 22, 2011

On the road again...for the holidays!

Our traveling family is at it again - we're hitting the road this Christmas season to stay with Nana and G-Daddy in Arizona.  Last year Elena really missed Big Bunny while she was away, so this year we decided to take a picture of her with all of her favorite animals she wasn't bringing with her.
And, although Clara isn't particularly tied to any specific animal she wanted to get in on the photo op, too.
Our packing job for three weeks away - we were pretty proud of ourselves!   We all carried on one of these bags and were set for the trip.  Clara really liked the fact that our bags made "stairs" going up from smallest to largest.
Traveling with the girls was a piece of cake this trip.  They carried their own bags, they packed by themselves (mostly - Christina would say: "Pick three pairs of pants you like and put them in the bag" and she'd watch to see that they did it, but otherwise the girls were pretty autonomous), they were relatively self-entertaining on the flight, and they stayed in a good mood the whole time.  It was a little rough traveling when they were really little, but it's worth it to have seasoned travelers by age four!
When we got to Arizona the first afternoon we unpacked and hung out with Nana and enjoyed the warmth.  But since then we've jumped right in to getting out on the town.  We've met up with friends, gone to the children's museum, to Urban Cookies (yum!), and yes, back to the trampoline center!
Both girls were pretty euphoric - they've been asking to go back for a full year!
Jump, jump, jump - man, did they have fun.
And they were not the only ones.  Steve had a fantastic time jumping his heart out, and thrilling the girls by bouncing them around.
He even went on the big, blow-up slides with them!
Clara, tickling the belly of the humongous alligator that sits atop the slide.
Although they mostly slid and bounced separately, they really got into solidarity at one point and went everywhere hand in hand.
Though not always side-by-side!
Family pile-up!

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