Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Tree Mission 2011

This was our weekend to go cut down our tree!  We started as we always do, at Trixie's saloon in Ovando, MT.  This year Steve taught the girls to play pool while we waited for lunch.

Clara was afraid the initial 'break' would be too noisy! She got over that pretty quickly, and was hitting the balls as enthusiastically as she could.

We like to highlight a little of the Trixie's decor each year - here is a representative wall.
What's that charming framed saying, you ask? 

After lunch we did something new this year.  Instead of heading to the forest service land to get our tree, we went to a friend-of-a-friend's ranch that is right on the same road.  We loaded the girls in the "sleigh" and took off.
The horses on this ranch roam freely about the forest area, as it adjoins their pasture.  We were thrilled that they would let us hang out with them!

Of course, no one was more thrilled than Elena, our horse whisperer.
Can you tell that she is in her element?
She attracted quite a crowd - we think the horses could tell she was a kindred spirit.

Clara got her share of petting in too, but from up above thanks to Steve.  The horses just seemed a littel tall to her!

After some blissful horse petting we headed back further into the woods to find out tree.
Go, Daddy horse!
Go, Elena horse!
Narrowing down our search...
Found it!  Okay, from here it doesn't look like much.  But we cleared out the bottom of this tree and it was such a beauty on top!
 Definitely our best tree specimens ever!  We so love getting trees that have grown naturally - they may not look dense, but they are gorgeous.

  After the hard work of getting a tree was done, it was snow angel time!

Stare at the rising moon time.

Slide on your bottom instead of a sled time!

Say one more goodbye to the horses on our way out of the pasture time.

Then it was into the warm house for our annual cookies and cocoa post-tree-cutting party.
Linda never forgets the "white trees" - whipped cream all up the little ones' fingers!
We snuggled in front of the fire, heard tales from the ranch and a rich life, and read aloud 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.
What a beautiful day!  More pictures of our tree to come soon.

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