Monday, December 12, 2011

Family Christmas

 When the girls were born we started a tradition of having "Family Christmas" a few weeks before December 25th. 
 Our actual Christmas Day celebrations have luckily always included dear family around us, but celebrating with just the four of us in our little family beforehand gives us a fun tradition and also means that we don't haul the presents we've bought for each other around the country.
 The night before the girls went straight to sleep.  We told them Santa would come early to bring one special present for them, and they were really excited.
 That present was booster seats!  Both girls are officially out of car seats and they couldn't be happier.  In fact, after they opened toys and clothes and other exciting gifts we asked them what they liked the best, and both of them said without hesitation: "Our booster seats!"
 They were pretty excited for the other gifts, too.  And not just receiving them - they were really anticipating other people opening the gifts they had each carefully chosen.  They used their reading skills to sort out the gifts by their tags and make a pile for each of us.

 Clara LOVED the rolling backpack that Elena picked out for her, and can't wait to take it on the plane to Arizona.

 A sweet sister thank you.
 Opening the music/jewelry boxes we bought for them.
 And here's Elena with the gift that Clara bought her - a make up set.  Now, when we were getting these in the store Clara showed it to Christina and she thought the make up was pretend, like it was painted in there.  But no, it turns out the make up is applicable, and boy does Elena love to apply it!
 Both to herself and to her sister!
 Clara has some fun with a duck call that Steve opened from Grandpa and Grandma Mary - who knew that would be fun for everyone?
We will miss celebrating with our family in the east, and can't wait to celebrate with our family in the west, but it sure is fun to start Christmas early!

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