Friday, October 7, 2011

Rolling, rolling, rolling....

What could these two be looking at?
What could amp them up like this?
What could cause such an outbreak of silliness?
It's the....ROLLER DERBY!

We had seen the roller derby girls at the Homecoming parade last week, and had always thought the idea of roller derbies was this Friday when they were having a derby in town we took the girls and headed over.
It was nearly impossible to photograph, because these women are FAST!  Also, the lighting is ODD!  Because they're going for drama on the center rink, not people getting good pictures from the balcony, we guess.

Still, we had a lot of fun watching.  We started shouting out things like "LEAD JAMMER!" and as we left both Clara and Elena told us they were roller girls, and made us address them by saying things like "Thank you, roller girl." "Can I help you get into your seat, roller girl?"  Eventually they started going so far as to say "Thank you, roller Mommy!"  When we got home they had to practice being roller girls on the wood floors in their socks.  Such a funny new set of vocab and play for us.

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