Friday, October 7, 2011

Biker Chicks

Steve has been helping the girls learn to ride their bikes over the past month or so. Now that it is cooler out and the girls can wear long sleeves/pants and the elbow/knee pads, they are much more confident with the occasional fall and have been having lots of fun practicing with Daddy.

Steve says on previous days both girls have been great at going on their own with a little help to start, but the day Christina came to watch only Clara was really into it.  This is one of those things probably better suited to video than pictures, but here goes Clara!

She did that over and over again - she did great and was so proud.  She's really close to just doing the whole thing by herself.

For whatever reason Elena chose this day to just goof off and be silly.
But she's even closer to doing it on her own, and seems to have some of the balance part down.
Steve is such a great Dad - he takes the training wheels off at the park, and then puts them on again every time so the girls can ride home by themselves.  Thank goodness he's a skilled bike mechanic!

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