Friday, October 7, 2011

Rainy Day Ballet

It has been very, very rainy here lately. We've had almost a week straight of solid rain. Luckily, Elena and Clara LOVE their raincoats, and always get lots of compliments on them, so we have our fun even if we can't do some of the outdoor things we'd planned.


On Thursdays the girls still have their dance class, which they enjoy so much more this year than they even did last year.  They ask often if it is dance class day, and they rush in for every class.
We like the class because it is focused on creative movement more than it is on any steps or form, and the kids really just enjoy moving their bodies in new ways.
Elena and Clara are each teacher's pets.  They each really love to be right near a teacher, and luckily there are three teachers in this class of about 8 kids.  Good odds!

Elena gets a little air here as she flits across the room with Miss Lindsay.

Clara enjoys the skipping portion of the class with Miss Roxanne.
Clara illustrates how to go across the room low and slow.
And then she rushes out to jump and grab her scarf.  It's easy to see how happy she is, and it's beautiful to see the girls enjoying something so much!

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