Saturday, December 4, 2010

Museum, S'mores, Ice Cream, Latkes

Today our downtown association had a wealth of free activities to celebrate the holidays, and so our plan for today was to take advantage of some of these and then to join our friends for a latke party.

We kicked the morning off at the art museum.  We visited some of the exhibits and tried to reinforce the lesson that we were not to touch art with any part of our bodies.  We had some uneven success there, but there were some really fun exhibits, so it's hard to blame them too much for wanting to touch.
What they seemed to like most was all the open space - they kept performing (dancing, singing, twirling) in the middles of the rooms.
Elena, especially, could not contain her exuberance!
Our favorite exhibit was the birds, handing from these branches suspended in the middle of the museum.
Then we went to the kid-focused part of the museum, the workshop downstairs.  Today children were invited to come make ornaments, so we did.

Steve and Christina tried really hard to be good helpers, even though Clara kept saying "This is MY project" and pretty much had full direction.
We went home for naps, and then when the girls woke up we went to the carousel, where they were sponsoring a make-your-own-s'mores party outside.  None of us had ever roasted marshmallows in the snow - it was really a lovely experience!

Christina wanted a picture with each of the girls, and Steve happily obliged by grabbing the camera.  Sadly, the girls didn't exactly oblige.  Clara wanted to focus anywhere other than the camera...
...and Elena wouldn't open her eyes!!  Ah, well.
Of course, after s'mores we had to go in and actually ride the carousel.  Elena and Clara asked that we ride, too - they haven't asked for that since last spring, so we were happy to do it with them.
Again, not great pictures - the girls were very upset with Christina for trying to take pictures while riding the carousel.  We have a pretty firm "hold on with both hands" rule and they did not like her breaking it!  Here they are captured in their attempts to get her to hold on again!

Then, it was on to some more fun at the ice cream shop.  They had their holiday flavors (candy cane, egg nog, yum!!) and ponies to pet.  You know we can't keep the girls away from ponies no matter what, and we spent a lot of time there brushing them, combing them, petting them, talking to them....

...we are SO going to own a horse one day!  We had to finally urge them to leave so we could go to the latke party with our friends.  And sadly, that is where the camera gave up its battery life and we are left photo-less.  Picture a house full of friends, lots of food, dreidel playing, guitar singing, multiple renditions of "Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel" and "Hanukkah oh Hanukkah! and two girls just deliriously laughing.

Today felt like a carnival - we are so darn lucky.

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