Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Arizona is always awesome

We've been a little too busy basking in the sunshine and fun with family to take pictures of our trip so far, but here are a few highlights:

- We went again to see the lights on Cherry Lane, and this time the girls were head over heels for all the penguins, Santas, and lights - they were dragging us from house to house!
-Elena smacked her hand (purposefully) into a catcus - a mistake she is unlikely to make again.  While pulling out the prickers she told Christina she didn't like the "citrus" so it may steer her down a path without lemons or oranges, too!
-We went to the Phoenix Children's Museum, and enjoyed it just as much as ever.
-We have twice pushed the baby carts around at Trader Joe's, in utter delight.  We may have eaten more than our share of Peppermint Joe-Joe's, too.
-We swam in Nana and G-Daddy's pool.

We did take pictures today, for two exciting events.  The first was a trip to Smeek's candy shoppe, which was delightful.
Did anyone see that girl swipe a candy??

Somehow, even though she is checking out the taffy, she is licking chocolate off her finger...hmm, something got away from us here!
Fun to fill up your own little box with candy delights - and Santa filled his bag, too, while the girls played at the toy shop next door!
Then we headed over to Steve's grandmother's house for a big family get-together.  It was wonderful - one of the easiest, happiest parties we've ever had with the girls.  After an initial bout of shyness, both girls warmed right up to everyone.  Elena saw a TV on, and headed over to snuggle into the couch near Uncle John and cousin Megan.
Megan became a fast friend - absolutely engaged with the girls for the hours we were there.  Cousin Rachel did the same - and Steve and Christina sat on a couch eating pie, sipping coffee, and telling stories with the other adults - amazing!!
Our girls were the only two little ones in attendance, and they had the attention of everyone in the house.  They took full advantage, too.  At first they were monsters, running into the room to scare us (Elena doesn't see Uncle Billy behind her, just about to scare her right back!).
Then they played a game where Elena was a kitten and Clara was a puppy, and both girls were on leashes Megan would hold (imaginary leashes, that is) and they'd come into the main room and "lick" everyone and get petted on different people's laps.  It was so funny!

It was also, apparently, utterly exhausting.  For the first time ever we carried Elena from a carseat, sleeping, laid her down in her bed, and she turned over and never woke up.  Clara woke up momentarily to get some water, then she also just turned over and went to sleep.  THANK YOU COUSINS!  And all the wonderful family who loved on the girls tonight.  We are so happy to have  celebrated early Christmas with you!

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