Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas countdown continues

We haven't been posting every day of our Christmas countdown, but the girls have been having a really fun time opening a different envelope every day - they always ask what we're going to get to do that day.  Yesterday it was have a family picnic dinner - we tried for a Christmas-y theme by making the girls candy canes out of chicken and cranberry sauce, and we sprinkled "festive" peas all about. 

Today we went to our annual neighborhood cookie-making party.    It's been enough years now that the girls now have a good idea of what to do and how to help.  This year they helped mix a batch of the sugar cookie dough.
Our neighbor Linda had set them up with a nap area, in case they needed some down time.  They just loved running in for a "reading nap" and although their eyes never closed it was a nice space for them to get away from the cookie activity here and there when they needed to.
Most of the time, though, they rolled and cut and sprinkled and shook sugar and just had a blast.
Some of our creations:

One girl there, Emma, was especially sweet to the girls, and took them for piggyback rides.

We can only hope our girls will be this sweet as a preteen!

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