Saturday, November 13, 2010

This and that

Today we made some special breakfast - dinosaur toast with peanut-butter and cranberries.  Food has gotten a little predictable and boring around here, and we're working on making a few changes.  Clara approved!


 Elena discovered a hole punch we had laying around, and entertained herself for quite some time using it to make holes, to be a crocodile (alligator?) and to torment her sister by not giving it to her.
Largely, though, today was characterized by sweet sister moments.  We started watching Pixar shorts last week, and they are just right for the girls' attention spans and interests.  Elena took Clara to this "mat" (it's really Christina's cutting mat for fabric, but they made it into a mat like the ones they sit on at school) and held her in her lap to watch the shows.

Of course, when the credits roll the show is over, and new entertainment must be found.
Somehow, they are never really at a loss for ideas.  Crush your sister?  Great fun!
Fly your sister?  Also fun!

We also spent almost three hours at the pool today - the girls have been asking Christina to set up their wading pool outside, insisting it's not too cold.  We may not have had snow yet, but the 30's IS too cold for a wading pool, so we've started going to the indoor pool - and Clara and Elena just LOVE it!

This was not an image from today, but since we didn't upload it before we're putting it in this hodge-podge post.  Clara drew this on Halloween - doesn't it look like a spooky skeleton?

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