Friday, November 12, 2010

Baby Alive

We got the girls these Baby Alive dolls last Christmas, and they've had a real on-and-off relationship with them.  They like them, then they don't play with them and we hide them away (because these dolls are pretty bulky to store in our living room!) and then they ask for the dolls again and we bring them back.
A few weeks ago we sewed up some flannel diapers for the dolls in the girls' preschool classroom, and we sewed a few up for the Baby Alive dolls as well.  Christina decided today was the day to show the girls that the Baby Alive dolls actually can drink (and wet diapers) because to this point, we didn't let them know the dolls could do that.

Clara especially had to work her baby into a few different positions before she felt like they had the process down.  "My babe needs some more help, Mom."

Elena was very solicitous, making sure that her baby was burped and comfortable after her feeding.

The diaper changing was definitely the highlight - these girls love pretending to change diapers.  We're just so glad that we're not doing this for real anymore!
Clara seems to have a bit of the process wrong here with the wiping, but who couldn't use a good face wash?

And three extra funny faces  - just because.

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