Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Food and Winter

Our adventures in making our food more visually pleasing to us continue - and the girls are definitely loving the visual, if not all of the actual foods!  It's not that the girls are picky eaters, and they eat plenty, it's just that lately we've wanted more variation in how food gets presented so we're not all bored.  Below are mini vegetable cakes with marinara dipping sauce, havarti cheese owls, and ham rolled up on some food picks.  The girls were not into the veggie cakes (we were sneaking beets and zucchini into these, so we're not too surprised) but they LOVE cheese cutouts and having food on a stick!
They also continue to love helping to make food.  In preparation for Thanksgiving, today Christina was home with the girls baking.  We baked four loaves of bread and got the dough rising for four dozen rolls.

Elena specifically asked for this picture to be taken (funny girl, hugging her dough!).
Miss Clara sticky-fingers!
These pictures are so over-exposed only sepia could make them even viewable.  Still, they're getting posted here because today was the first day the girls went out to play on their own!  Out in the yard, having fun, supervised from a window but otherwise faring for themselves.  It was awesome!
It only lasted 15 minutes (it was only 5 degrees today!) but it is an exciting sign of some more independent play to come.

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