Saturday, September 25, 2010

Homecoming 2010

Thank goodness this year was warmer than the huddle-in-a-doorway-freeze-your-bum-off 2009 Homecoming Weekend!  Although the girls wanted to wear their hats, they really didn't need them - and they ditched the coats mid-day, too.    These little imps have made the tiny infants we brought to Homcoming 2007 a distant memory, and were so very much fun to watch a parade with!
While walking to our parade-watching spot, we passed several of the floats/vehicles lined up for their entrance into the parade.  These firefighters were especially friendly, and they let the girls come up into the truck (Elena did so enthusiastically, Clara declined), gave them candy, gave them firefighter hats and badges, and flashed their lights at them - it was so exciting!
We met up with some friends who had a float for their running group.  They invited the girls to be IN the parade, riding in their boat float, but both girls declined.
This little firefighter needed to keep her eyes on all the action; she couldn't stick with just one float!
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And this charmer knew she was going to get way more candy and treats on the sidelines instead of riding up high.
I think even an un-patriotic heart swells a bit when they see a child waving the American flag at a parade - am I right?

One of these years we'll make it to the actual Homecoming game - but for now, the parade is just about right for us.

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