Thursday, September 23, 2010

Charlie Time

Caryn, Steve, and Charlie are some of our very dearest friends, and we always thought we'd have lots of time when our kids would all play together.  So, it's surprising to all of us that this happens very rarely (with our three kids alone together - they see each other in groups quite a lot).  Yesterday was one of those lovely days where a kid playdate lingered and turned into our two families having a pizza party all together when "the dads" came home from work to join us.

We went over the pedestrian bridge to watch trains, we gathered leaves for an "art craft" (as the kids termed it), we colored and played Elefun, but most of the time we played down in the girls room, goofing off.

It was really fun!  Charlie directed a lot of the play, which the girls liked.  He would keep saying "I have an idea!  Let's all sit like this and you take a picture."  After Christina took many shots in the poses he suggested, he wanted us to put the timer on.  Christina was so surprised that Clara knew how to make the camera do this!  She got it set up on all the right settings, and then came to jump into the picture.
Clara and Elena taught Charlie this game, where they make their slide into a horse.  Oh, these girls are into horses!  Everyone and everything can be a horse, and has to have a specific name, and color.  Elena often talks about what she'll do when she gets her horse (not if, when).

It's now secret we're big fans of summer around here, so we were sorry yesterday turned the calendar over to the fall...but a day like yesterday showed us we could still have fun, and we'll try to make the most of this next season. 

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Laura said...

Funny girl, I think you guys were actually celebrating the last day of summer!

So sweet to see such dear friends together.