Sunday, September 12, 2010


We've been harvesting things from the garden since mid-summer - a cherry tomato here, a few carrots there - but now we're getting to harvest some "crops" in earnest. Today we dug up all the potatoes.

Elena is armed with her shovel:
Clara is slyly hiding hers on the other side of the garden.
Christina turns the earth under the first plant - and just as they were supposed to be, there were the potatoes!
They got much bigger than we expected!
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This was Christina's favorite part of having a garden when she was little - it was fun to see the girls digging through the cool dirt for potatoes, just like she remembers doing it. In honesty, Elena was much more into it than Clara.
Showing off a potato!
Showing off a worm! This is why Clara wasn't as into digging potatoes - she was way more focused on holding all the worms.
Our potato take - not bad for six plants. We didn't really have room for more. Some of these are earmarked for making potato chips this Friday...and we shall see what the rest turn into!

While out in the garden, we harvested some more of the (ever present, ever growing!!) swiss chard, and a few more of our carrots. Along with some garlic and onion from our Farmer's Market this week, we made them into a dinner quiche.
We're still waiting to see if our corn will get big enough to harvest - right now the ears are about five inches long and pretty skinny looking. We also are holding our breath for a few pumpkins. We thought we had volunteer zucchini plants, but it turns out they were volunteer pumpkin plants instead! The bees do not see fit to pollinate back in that section of the garden, and so we have been busily doing their job for them whenever we see the two types of blossom open at the same time. We think we might have a pumpkin or two that will be ready to be tiny jack-o-lanterns in another month and a half!

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