Monday, August 16, 2010

Summertime with Nana and G-Daddy

The first day we got Nana and G-Daddy here all day and all to ourselves was a whirlwind of fun and surprises. In the morning, when the girls woke they were given new dolls (who they promptly named Sarah Ena and Shaunte).
Then they got new aprons, and decided the perfect thing to do with them was to whip Nana and G-Daddy up a batch of chocolate chip pancakes.
That excitement all before 9am wore them right out, so they took a quick stair nap (so reminiscent of Christina's brother, Dom, when he was little!).
Then, we went out and bought the girls fishing rods (took a nap) then loaded up the truck for the girls' first real fishing experience.

We went out to Rock Creek, a favorite spot of ours for all kinds of outdoor adventures. A brief bit of swordplay/rodplay and then we were off to the creek.
Steve shows Elena the finer points of waiting for a fish to bite.
Nana admires Clara's ease with the rod (she really did a fantastic job - her casting was incredible!).
Elena struck up next to G-Daddy - he had just had his first fly-fishing lesson recently, and the two of them tried out their new skills.

Clara took the opportunity while we were walking to grab some stalks of weeds "for all my friends" as she proudly and stubbornly told us.
Concentrating on spotting the "big green fish" she told Christina she would catch for our dinner.
Here's the big green fish she came up's a stick of bamboo, for those who might wonder just what kind of fish this is!
Nana and Elena were fast friends this fishing trip - they navigated the rocks together, practiced casting together, and did lots of reeling in in tandem.

Carbon copies - isn't it adorable how they are in precisely the same position here?

Clara took a break from fishing to stomp in the mud, throw rocks, and do her "kicking game, kicking game, this is my kicking game" which involved splashing water with her foot.
Clara, going to inspect what those guys are doing.
One more pass at catching a fish of her own...
Elena gets down low, to see if the fish perhaps are lurking there.

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