Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's a beautiful day

We're not quite sure what it was about today, but we just had a really fantastic, relaxing, wonderfully in-synch day. Perhaps it is the move to the big girl beds (which has ended up going really well, and will get its own post one day soon), perhaps it is being on the cusp of three years old and into new things, perhaps it is the fact that each of us got some alone time today. Whether it is, it amounted to a day we all really enjoyed. Some excerpts:

Eating fresh summer peaches, with juice running down our arms and chins:
Making a birthday cake for our next door neighbor and dear friend, and indulging on the left-over chocolate whipped cream frosting:
Dancing (Steve and Christina were showing off their dance moves in the kitchen, then Clara asked Steve to spin her "like Mommy.").
Dressing up:
Imaginary play (here the girls are being the Wonder Pets in their fly boat, which they made complete with wheels and a sail).
Our little Linny (Leni) and Tuck (Clara):
Then there was the reading together (Christina got to read her own book! While the girls were awake!) and helping Daddy pack for his upcoming backpacking trip, and cutting and pasting and painting, and so much other fun. Sometimes, it's nice to be home. We wish we could have this day over and over again.

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