Monday, July 26, 2010

New York fun, part 2

As our time in NY progressed, we got to spend more and more time with family. It was wonderful.

We had a picnic in Albany, right outside the Palace Theatre, with Grandma and Aunt Laura and Grace, Suki, and Kate. The lemonade, blueberries, sandwiches, and pretzels were all well and good, but the lobster lollipops at the end of the meal were definitely the hit.

All that sugar really revved up our crew, and after hanging from trees and racing around, they developed a new way to work off their energy - the stroller dash. This stroller belongs to Laura and her family, but since we once had the same one the girls seemed very comfortable jumping in and out of it.
Did I say the game worked off THEIR sugar? As it progressed, it turned into Laura and Christina pushing a load of kids up and down a hill, repeatedly. I think we were all tired out when this particular game ended.
Back at Aunt Melissa's, naps were once again rejected, and so we went outside to play in the ball sprinkler and with the other wonders in Auntie Melissa and Uncle Jeff's fun yard - the play structures and sand table kept them busy the whole week.

That evening, we went with Aunt Melissa, Uncle Jeff, and Calynn to a small amusement park that Christina grew up going to, and which she adores and has wanted to share with the girls since before they were born. Steve says this is the scariest clown ever on a sign, but to Christina it is just a sign of fun to be had.

We started off on the boats - Clara loved these (but turned stoic about it shortly after this shot), Elena enjoyed them, and Calynn wanted nothing to do with them. She needed a little adjustment time.

Here's a shot Auntie Lissa took from her seat with Calynn and Jeff - the rest of us were on horses, and her angle made for a great encompassing shot.

Closer up, after the ride ended:

Here are Calynn, Jeff, and Melissa - Calynn ended up with a milkshake from this spot and it quickly put her to rights.
In the tradition of her mother (Christina's grandmother) who always brought the family here, Christina's mom bought us a book of tickets for ride and handed them out the whole evening- the girls all loved running up to her at the beginning of each ride.

Driving, driving, driving.
And then flying! We thought the girls might not figure out that they could get these to rise up in the air during the ride, but they both did, and loved it.

Calynn's first real ride was this balloon one, with her dad. She handled it like a pro.
Elena chose to go with her Grandma, and was just thrilled at this ride.

And Clara went with Steve, and warmed up to it more and more as the ride continued.

In fact, both girls loved it so much they wouldn't get off, so Christina took a turn around with them. They had to convince her the whole time it was fine, since she is not a fan of rides like these that go both up, down, and around at the same time. They held her hands and said: "Don't worry, I gotcha!" "Mama, I keep you safe." It was so sweet.

As the night wore on, we were able to get all three girls together on some rides. Clara and Calynn both had the tendency to look like they weren't enjoying themselves, but they really did!

Our girls weren't interested in these statues, but Christina loves them from growing up, and was happy that at least Calynn would take a picture with them.

A few more rides - this time the helicopters were the hit "up and down" ride.

This ride was a failed attempt - it turns out that the whole thing rotated while individual cart also rotated, and we were so jostled and unhappy when it started that we just called a halt and got off (luckily, we were the only ones on the ride so no one cared!).
One last group ride...
Elena bent over to kiss Calynn here at the end of the ride - so dear.

Finally, the last ride of the night - Clara picked the carousel, and when Christina tried to get this pictures she said: "Mama, I can't talk to you right now. I am busy riding my big horse."

In the midst of many busy moments, here's a shot of a quiet one at Aunt Melissa and Uncle Jeff's, the next morning. Melissa runs a daycare and is watching an 8 week old named Lucy. Both girls adored her - here is Elena rocking her.

Later that day we ran downtown in Saratoga, in search of the toy store...
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...where each girl got a new "baby" of her own. Elena just adored a doll that Calynn had, and took it everywhere, so we got her one of her own - and named it Baby Lucy. Clara picked a different doll, and we named it Baby Ruby in honor of a new baby friend at home in Missoula that Clara especially enjoyed. You can't really tell here, but the girls are rocking and "shushing" their new babies to sleep.

And, the excitement continues!

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