Sunday, July 11, 2010


We started summer vacation '10 traveling across the country to Boston. We only had two flights (instead of our usual three to get to the East Coast) and the girls did very well overall. There was some resistance to seatbelts, especially at the end of the second flight, but they really held it together pretty well. We thought we'd see the city a bit, getting in at 5, but between getting a car, getting to our hotel, and getting something to eat we were wiped out and all went to bed.

The next morning was one of our favorite mornings ever. The girls hopped into our bed happy and bright and sweet to each other. We cuddled in bed and watched Caillou.
Then we stared out the window, watching the rowers and the ducks on the Charles River.
Then it was off to Quincy Market for some breakfast,
and lots of picture posing.

We stopped at these fountains on our way to the North End, and each girl tried to convince her sister to go in first. They splashed just a little bit in the end, but it was fun to watch the negotiations.
Here, Elena is saying: "I smell somefing!" We tried to tell them there are just lots of smells in the city, some nicer than others, but she wasn't about to quit her dramatics for a silly picture her mom wanted.

Everyone here just doted on the girls, and gave them tons of compliments, and made us feel so at ease and welcomed. We were offered lots of advice, directions, and yummy food - and we accepted it all. We ended up at our favorite pastry shop, Mike's Pastry, for some lobster tails (and lots of cannolis to take with us!).

It was a really wonderful day. We traveled downtown via a shuttle from the hotel, and two memorable interactions on the ride with the girls follow.

Steve: Elena, look at all those tall buildings!
Elena: Yeah, sysapers! (skyscrapers - we didn't know she knew that word!)

Clara: Can we get a cookie?
Christina: Sure we can, we'll get a cookie at the pastry shop.
Clara: I'll put it in my pocket! I put yous in my pocket, too.
Christina: Honey, you don't have a pocket - you're wearing a skirt.
Clara: That's okay! I put my cookie in my undies. That's a good idea?

In the end, no, not a good idea. But SUCH a fun day!

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