Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cape Cod, part 1

We rented a house in Cape Cod for the week, with two different sets of friends coming to stay at different parts of the week. We'd found the house online, and although it's a bit hotter than we wish (no air conditioning in a heat wave!) it has otherwise surpassed our expectations. The girls LOVE the backyard, especially.

We took a preliminary trip out to the beach the first day, for just a short time. It was wonderful to be out there with the girls, and they had a great time in the sand.

Kerrie and Hart got in later that afternoon, and the girls are already having SO much fun with Kerrie and "her friend" as they keep referring to Hart. Kerrie read the girls a bedtime story, which they loved, but we can't say much else positive about the sleeping situation. When booking this spot we decided the girls could sleep on two mattresses on the floor, and didn't need cribs anymore. Man, that is hard transition. Things haven't gone exactly well (late nights, difficult falling asleep/staying in the room/etc.) but it had to happen sometime. Maybe this will soften the transition at home when we move to big girl beds there (fingers crossed).
The next day was a bit overcast, and the girls were getting restless at home, but we didn't want to get caught in a big storm on the beach. We looked for a blueberry farm that is apparently gone, and after sad girls couldn't stand to be in the car any longer we looked up and there was a carousel in Hyannis! We could scarcely take enough pictures of the joy - we were so glad to see the girls happy.

Part of sleeping on the floor and being on the go has meant we haven't really gotten naps in, so some of the afternoon got a little bit dicey - and when in doubt, go for a sure-fire crowd pleaser. We went of to Four Seas Ice Cream and had a delicious set of cones we all swapped around.

Then it was off to the beach after all, because as Elena kept telling us "Is a nice sunny day for a beach."

And it really was. We're hoping to spend the day there tomorrow...we didn't want to leave today. The favorite game of the afternoon was 1 2 3 Splash! The girls made it up. You yell "1, 2, 3" and then run into the surf yelling "Splash!" Then you run back, backwards, up the beach.

Such fun little sweethearts.


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

You're so close!!! Enjoy!

JLH said...

Love the picture of the girls holding hands and running towards the swing set!